Authentically Delicious
Smokewood Foods has been bringing authentically delicious, healthy Tex-Mex dishes to America’s tables since 1948. Over the decades we have carefully built a reputation for innovative brands that provide your family the highest standards of nutrition, convenience and best of all…the spectacular tastes of Mexico and Texas.

Whether it’s our healthy and nutritious Rio Rancho* taco salad bowls, or our Del Oro* brand tostada shells, Smokewood Foods brings you “the best dishes that ever met a mouth”.

What Our Customers Say

“The Rio Rancho Tostada Bowls were easy to use and my family loved them” (CA)
“I tried the Gluten Free tostada bowls, they were every bit as good as the regular bowls” (IL)
“I have used the Rio Rancho bowls, but I bought the Del Oro brand for my church party because they are much bigger” (MD)