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Taco Salads
One of the most popular foodservice dishes on menus today are Taco & Tostada Salads served in traditional Mexican fried bowls. Taco & Tostada Salads are difficult to work with and carry the negatives of high calories and trans fat…site made salad shells turn a healthy salad into a consumer negative.

Tostada Crowns*
Our Tostada Crowns* brand of tostada bowls gives foodservice a salad shell that brings authentic taste and plate appeal while eliminating the negatives. Smokewood Foods Tostada Crowns* are all natural, multi-grain, low calorie, no sodium, and contain no trans fat or cholesterol. Our tostada bowls are made in three popular sizes: 5″ diameter side salads, 6″ family sized entrée salads and our center-of-the plate restaurant style 8″ bowl. Tostada Crowns* require virtually no prep time, have long shelf life and are packaged to eliminate breakage and waste.

Taco Tubs*
Taco Tubs* are a unique corn boat that takes tacos to a new level. This rectangular 5″ x 4″ x 1″ shell serves any protein, from taco/burrito lunch and dinner fillings to scrambled eggs & salsa for a Mexican breakfast fiesta. Taco Tubs* may be eaten from the hand without the breakage and waste of taco shells. Taco Tubs are sized to fit in a standard 1# chip tray for ultimate take-out portability.

Our products allow easily expanded menus that bring nutritionally clean dishes, all with low labor and waste and costs. Simply put, Smokewood Foods products bring foodservice a totally new profit center.

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Smokewood Foods products meet all USDA bread/grain requirements including new gluten free bowls.

What Our Food Service Customers Say
” We use the Taco Tubs* with commodity refried beans & cheese, the kids love them and it’s very low cost.” (VA)
” I have used the 5″ Tostada Crowns* for salad bars, participation has increased.” (Texas)
“One of our most popular menus is pizza filling in the Taco Tubs*…we call it Mexican Pizza” (NYC)
“My restaurant menu includes the 8” Tostada Crowns* in a taco salad, I put it in as a “Heart Smart” entre'” (CA)