Smokewood Foods brands consistently show top tier dollar volume and profit in every geographic region in the nation. Our brands can be found in every major grocery chain in America and have developed strong consumer franchises since our founding in 1948.

Tostada Bowls
Taco salads served in fried bowls are one of the most popular restaurant menu items nationally…however, these popular salads could not be made at home until now. Smokewood Foods has created a whole new profit center for the Hispanic category. Rio Rancho* brand taco salad bowls have half the calories of fried restaurant bowls, all natural, multi-grain, with no sodium, trans fat, or cholesterol…and have the highest related item sales in the category.

Rio Rancho Gluten Free and Del Oro Tostada Bowls
Now Joining our Rio Rancho* line is Rio Rancho Gluten Free* and our Del Oro* brand of large restaurant style tostada bowls…each bringing new uses for consumers.

What Our Retailers Say
Smokewood Foods delivers unique brands and products positioned for todays consumer and a long record of success that stands alone. Smokewood Foods brands bring all new sales, all new profits