Taco Tubs

One of the most useful products to any operator is Smokewood Foods’ Taco Tubs. These small corn boats measure 5” x 4 x 1” and are used with any protein fill. Taco Tubs are sized to fit in a 1# chip tray for fast food portability and may be eaten from the hand without breaking. All the breakage issues with taco shells are history with Taco Tubs.

Menu uses for Taco Tubs are almost limitless. Fill with scrambled eggs, cheese and salsa for breakfast, refried beans and cheese for sides and dips, guacamole and sour cream dip, add nacho cheese, or fill with any taco – burrito mixture. These boats are a major addition to any menu.

Schools: Taco Tubs meet the most stringent nutritional requirements and provide a bread equivalent for schools while allowing menu change based on commodity availability. Taco Tubs bring fast food appeal while providing low cost, low labor, low waste and authentically great flavor. Taco Tubs follow the same prep step as our Tostada Crowns and prep instructions are included in every case in both English and Spanish.

What Our Customers Say
Taco Tubs bring new menu flexibility and adds a healthy USDA approved product with a delicious flavor everyone loves.

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