Tostada Crowns

The latest menu census data shows the number two restaurant salads nationally are taco, tostada salads served in tortilla bowls made by frying. These salads are labor intensive with short shelf life and a bad reputation for calories…in fact, taco salads are among the most unhealthy items on a menu. All problems are solved with Smokewood Foods Tostada Crowns.

Tostada Crowns exclusive process makes an authentic end dish with ‘back of the house’ appearance and consistency with an even better flavor than site fried bowls. Add the healthy features with low labor and waste and Tostada Crowns™ bring high benefits to a menu.

Our bowls come in three sizes for all restaurant use.

  1. 8” Diameter Tostada Crowns: Center of the plate presentation for a large entrée salad.
  2. 6” Diameter Tostada Crowns: Smaller serving sizes for catering, schools and fast food.
  3. 5” Diameter Tostada Crowns: Small side salads and for K-9 school portions.

All Tostada Crowns meet FDA bread requirements from 1 to 3 based on shell size. Tostada Crowns require a simple prep step. Separate small stacks of bowls on a sheet. Bake at 350 (conventional) for 3 minutes, cool, stack and serve over the day.

What Our Customers Say
Smokewood Foods Tostada Crowns™ add low labor costs and waste with truly delicious flavor and appearance.

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